How to Guide Young, Aspiring Entrepreneurs

My 17 year old son was off from school. It was the middle of the day and he wanted to play catch. He has been infatuated with baseball his whole life. The moment his first throw popped my glove, I felt so much gratitude for my brother, Jeffrey who mildly coerced me to leave the Masters of Social Work degree I was pursuing and chase the dream of entrepreneurship almost 30 years ago.

I told my son while we were playing catch how grateful I was for the freedom to play catch with him at any time, to go and see him play his games. I’ve only missed a few over the years with travel for client work or for delivering a keynote. It was at that moment I realized I didn’t have a playbook for him to think about his future as a potential entrepreneur.

My daughter is about to graduate the University of Texas from the McCombs School of Business. She is being highly recruited and has already interned with several tech companies. She will likely start off on a different path but I can see her being the CEO of her own company one day.

So I asked other entrepreneur friends, what one book would you recommend for a young, aspiring entrepreneur?

Many suggested several great reads including the E-Myth, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Good to Great, Think and Grow Rich, etc. but we all felt that there wasn’t any particular book that presented the core principals needed to begin to think like an entrepreneur.

What book would you recommend? What lessons would you want them to learn?



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